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Rainey Day

Rainey Day

written by: Genie Nakano



Rainey Day
listening to raindrops
I’m in another space and time

falling off the rose petals
into the ground
a final burial
for my unborn child

mother, father
together again
sprinkle down
crescent moon smiles
rain   rain   rain

my ten pound
Bodhisattva dog
curled in sleep
body rises and falls
an itch takes over

and I
make love
look ma, no hands
simply a kiss blown

a wish
that sonars
my core

a radar
rain, rain, rain

I’m a foreigner
looking out the window
the rain
the rain
there is no end.

Genie Nakano

Genie Nakano

I was born in East L.A. Boyle Heights California many years ago. I am passionate about writing. It is my confession, therapy, meditation and my joy.
Genie Nakano

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