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Simon Migaj

Heart Song

Heart Song

written by: Godfrey Holy and Tanya Rakh


I will shut my eyes
I will find you
here underneath the pain
inside this museum of endless
heartbeats, pulsing blood
walls where we leak
out our hunger, freely
on the pervious skin of
soiled existence

I will find you
buried in these mortal
effigies, gray with
entropy and vine
we crack under this
impossible architecture
hope, the lone graffiti
easily washed

let’s flower scarlet here
we’ll ornament death
bloom decay
a wounded sanctuary, down
lattices of wormwoods
pain is an art—
we are the galleries

at night, we lie awake as cacti
leafless and spineless
admiring our jagged swords
our shallow roots soaked in dying,
like lovers we scavenge for
remnant grief
as we sip tears at sunset,
hum lost tribal songs
at the first sight of dawn

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