That Which Is Gold, a poem written by Shelly Wilson at
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That Which Is Gold

That Which Is Gold

written by: Shelly Wilson



Gold is found in many gems

That often steals the heart of men

For it is found a precious thing

Yet gold is good and bad it seems.


See gold was found in temple courts

Intertwined with extravagant cords

Covering molds of cherubim

Seen in fabric weaved by men.


And Christ is fond of golden streets

Prepared for Saints who believe in Thee

And Christ says words in perfect time

Are apples of gold to a heart that cries.


Yet gold can be a hindrance, yes?

For tend we do to build idols best

And when dear Moses was at the peak

A golden calf was made in greed.


A treasure can be found in gold

When one does sift a rivers flow

And gold is deemed a reed indeed

Measuring the expanse of Heaven’s length.


Oh gold is often a fair exchange

It bartered well when the depression came

Yet gold is limited in price it seems

For happiness will not be bought by sheen.


Yes gold it is shiny and dazzles the soul

But heals thee not of pains deep toll

It covers beautifully a metal cheap

But cannot cover the sin filled needs.


Gold it accompanies many a flame

Lighting homes and buildings of fame

But gold does melt when touched by fire

And Christ is the light of the world required.


Now in the temple Christ did give

A mercy seat with golden trim

That when men turned from gods of gold

His mercy would give eternal homes.


And gold would be but a drop of rain

Considering what Christ already gave

For gold held nothing of beauty you see

Compared to the blood He shed for me.


Oh in the scriptures can be seen

A golden oil that pours indeed

A vision for a man to see

Of golden pipes and olive trees.


See gold it gives value great

And represents His pure embrace

And pure is what we dearly need

When anointed as His hands and feet.


So when at Heaven’s gates I stand

Before the giver of gold to man

I’ll gladly bow to His great hand

For I choose crimson red instead.

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