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Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People

written by: Mario William Vitale


I planted a single seed left long ago
In time roots sprung up out of the fertile soil
In the game of life your time is very brief
try turning over a brand new leaf

 many people today seem so very out of reach
these are desolate times yet we settle for ill faded rhymes
casualties are enormous for a stated cause that’s atrocious
a mothers cry as the door bell rings

 vanishing salute to freedom as the church choir sings
let’s look above to the heavenly love
merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder
stop the senseless fighting as our nation grows a bit colder

 Tomorrow let’s pray for better days
instead of people getting caught in a purple haze
eyes, face & hands
when will we ever live to understand

 you can’t stand in line while kicking it to the man
how you have fought so hard & fierce
my truest love is gone from here
a challenge to be free is a question of time

 Tomorrow people will achieve if one can perceive
it’s more than a philosophical rant
one must succumb to the business at hand
hopefully someday all will understand

 for love is the true essence of one’s inner existence
a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of hope
hope that can evoke feelings of positivity
in a land so full of their negativity

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