Your Christmas Gift, a poem written by Shelly Wilson at
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Your Christmas Gift

Your Christmas Gift

written by: Shelly Wilson



If in your heart a sorrow grows
There is a place to run
Into the arms that love you well
He’s Jesus Christ, The Son.

He’s watched you play and watched you grow
His love for you is vast
And if you simply call His name
He’ll run to help you fast.

You are a cherished gift to Him
He wants you to be near
So He can carry every pain
And wipe away the tears.

For He will make your heart so glad
Despite this ole’ life’s pains
He sent me now to tell you, dear,
He’ll love you for always.

So as the Christmas season comes
He wants your heart to know
That if you’re bearing any grief
Hidden under snow?

There is no need to hide it please
For He knows every need
So take them to His loving heart
His gift will be His peace.

Shelly Wilson

Shelly Wilson

Shelly is a a lover of words. The Lord has seemed to have given her a heart that is pricked and stirred by words as He allows her to see them as messages to hearts in need. Her journey began in songwriting and mere ponderings of life penned from moments spent in deep valleys and beautiful mountaintops. Later came forth a gift of poetry that seemed hidden for some years and now fills her heart with delight and joy.

Shelly travels delivering poetic messages to hearts that are broken and in need of hope. It is her desire to be a ready scribe and a pen in the hand of the Lord.
Shelly Wilson

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