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You Are Enough

You Are Enough

written by: Jess Greenwood


When something starts to happen
And the things of life get tough,
You get a sinking feeling
That you are not enough.

Other people seem to cope
When life knocks them around,
While you find with just a little push
You’re battered to the ground.

Before you decide to give up
Take the time to recognise,
That in those difficult moments
Your mind will tell you lies.

In times when you are empty
The negative thoughts will appear,
They’ll point out all your failures
Until you’re full of doubt and fear.

Everyone makes mistakes
It’s human nature to stumble.
No one has it all together
So, don’t judge yourself when you crumble.

Your struggles don’t define you
You are not yet disqualified,
Life’s lessons and hardships
Can sometimes be a guide.

Pause your self-criticism
Before you get too stressed,
Look how far you’ve come
Realise you’re trying your best.

Be kind to yourself
Take a moment to recover,
By throwing off expectations
You’ll be surprised by what you discover.

We all feel like this at times
You are not alone in the depths,
Avoid becoming overwhelmed
Just take some deep breaths.

If you feel like you might fold
And everything is falling down,
Now is the time for you to hold
Hold your nerve
Hold your ground.

Rise up!
Rise up!
You are enough.

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