The Spirit of Christmas, a poem written by Shelly Wilson at

The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

written by: Shelly Wilson



A warmth in my heart arises a notch
As Christmas is near and winter does knock
With cinnamon smells and baked apple scents
Foaming hot joe and cider to sip.

When music does soar and leaps in the air
Jingle bells ring and hearts tend to care
When joy and laughter arise in one’s smile
Yet something still stirs a tear to my eye.

The man with no home or family to see
The child who’s alone no shoes on his feet
The lost and the lonely whose loved ones did leave
How can I too bring some Christmas to these?

The one who is saddened whose marriage dissolved
The woman depressed close to ending it all
The man who just lost his job in the Fall
Father, please help me give love to them all.

My heart it does swell with burdens Christ gives
Things to encourage are the smallest of gifts
Knowing a heart to give miracles “a go”
Ask our dear Jesus for each one He knows.

What can I then give to each in despair?
Some kindness and love that Christ says to share
The Spirit of Christmas where God gave His heart
By giving us Jesus…it’s where we must start.

Shelly Wilson

Shelly Wilson

Shelly is a a lover of words. The Lord has seemed to have given her a heart that is pricked and stirred by words as He allows her to see them as messages to hearts in need. Her journey began in songwriting and mere ponderings of life penned from moments spent in deep valleys and beautiful mountaintops. Later came forth a gift of poetry that seemed hidden for some years and now fills her heart with delight and joy.

Shelly travels delivering poetic messages to hearts that are broken and in need of hope. It is her desire to be a ready scribe and a pen in the hand of the Lord.
Shelly Wilson

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