My Christmas Tree, free verse written by Papia Ray at
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My Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree

written by: Papia Ray


One by one the months go by,
And then comes Christmas to light our way,
A thousand stars blink in the sky
As Christmas joy fills the day.

I hurried home with a thousand thoughts
Of those I loved and revered most,
But they were far, far away
And I had Christmas for my own.

My Christmas tree stood in the yard
Firm and solid in the holy earth
Silent and solemn, it looked at me
As if to ask, ‘Did you, by chance, forget me?’

I decked it up as best I could
With shining knick-knacks on its bough
And then an old man joined me too
With a laugh on his lips and a courteous bow.

And then a band of children came
Shy and smiling with eyes of wonder
My Christmas tree bent its bough
And showered on them the humble glitter.

Squeals of delight filled the air
And cups of tea made the rounds.
Total strangers smiled together
And danced and talked through the night.

It was our own Christmas time
Around my lovely Christmas tree
Upright it stands, tall and strong
To share life’s joys as I wade along.

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