Papia Ray

Regret, poetry written by Papia Ray at


Regret written by: Papia Ray   I thought of you as I turned a page. I missed you when my favourite author died. And you were not there to share The st...
The Woman, poetry written by Papia Ray at

The Woman

The Woman written by: Papia Ray   A wonder of wonders is the woman. Great Nature's gift to mankind, A blessing to the world she lives in, A permanent...
Dreams, a sonnet written by Papia Ray at


Dreams written by: Papia Ray   When alone in a crowd I think of you It is not your person I think about It is your eye that holds all feelings true...
Papia Ray

Papia Ray

I enjoy reading and writing. It is only recently that I have found that online reading and writing can also be equally interesting. I have self published a book, The Second Spring.