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If Autumn Comes, Can Halloween Be Far Off...

written by: Hema Ravi


Leaf-peeping is around the corner!
Gone are tangerine sunsets,
bleak, grey clouds engulf the sun;
A gentle wind blows across
the silent yards glitzed
with spooky-cottony bauble.

Trees bear patches of gold and chestnut,
in their midst, evergreens; the still green grass
straddled with yellow dandelions and parachute
seed-heads sway in the cool breeze
as the bees hurry up to gather the last drops
‘fore the tightening into the ‘cluster.’

In an obtrusive corner, she sits,
with giant-sized pumpkins
painstakingly grown
in the coarse patch past the graveyard.
‘Jack O Lantern Pumpkins!’ says
the placard in front of her.

A young girl holding Mommy’s hand
casts admiring looks, walks off with two.
One after the other, merrily they choose,
until the one She desired was left behind.
She’ll take it home for her little grandson
-the only family she has.

Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi is a freelance trainer for IELTS and Communicative English. Her poetic publications include haiku, tanka, free verse and metrical verses. Her write ups have been published in the Hindu, New Indian Express, Femina, Woman's Era, and several online and print journals; a few haiku and form poems have been prize winners. She has contributed to the 'Destine Literare' (Canada). Besides, she is the author of ‘Everyday English,’ ‘Write Right Handwriting Series 1,2,3,’ co-author of Sing Along Indian Rhymes’ and ‘Everyday Hindi.’ Her "Everyday English with Hema," a series of English lessons are broadcasted by the Kalpakkam Community Radio.
Hema Ravi

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