Longing For The Petrichor by TM Arko at Spillwords.com

Longing For The Petrichor

Longing for the Petrichor

written by: TM Arko



The dog days are lingering
Like bad thoughts or
An unwanted guest from hell
The smoky warm days
The crunch of the dead brown grass
Nothing betokens the dusty sky
Above the barren roads
Lined with trees aching for moisture
Buzzing flies and cranky crows
Squawking in the cracking dirt
Blistering fences
Wandering weeds
And stifling air
Never moving or cooling
The oppressive aura
Ever ruling
The burning red sun mocks
The dry sweating fools of the world
While the harvest moon at night frowns
I close my eyes on a bed of thorns
Crying for the rains of June

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