The Never-ending Sunset in Vermont, poetry by Nancy Lazar at

The Never-ending Sunset in Vermont

The Never-ending Sunset in Vermont

written by: Nancy Lazar



In the morning in Vermont
After Thanksgiving, if you’re lucky
The sun will hang in the sky
Ornament-like along the treeline.
It will light up your coffee cup
steam rising, along with the smoke
Of newly lit fires.

Later that day, after lunch
The sun will begin to set as you step out
To do some shopping in town.
The sun will still be setting as you emerge with raw-milk cheese
And farm-fresh eggs.

On the way home when you stop
For coffee and fresh baked pies,
You’ll talk with some friends in the parking lot as the sun announces
From light-soaked purple clouds in the sky
The end of the day is near.

In the driveway as you unpack the car
You are watched over by that glowing selenite orb
Peering through those same trees,
The pinewood mountain interior
In the distance darkening.

Then if you’re lucky, a blue haze
Will light up the golden leaves on the ground
As the sun hangs low in the sky
As if to set, when suddenly
It’s dark outside before the table
Is readied for dinner.

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