Ode To Madagascar Almond, poem by Tea Solon at Spillwords.com

Ode To Madagascar Almond

Ode To Madagascar Almond

written by: Tea Solon


Madagascar Almond,

you evergreen shelter
of this lowly poet

bastion against
blight ether

generous giver
of unadulterated air

your ferocious roots tear
the core of the earth

like an Oriental oyster
secreting layer upon

layer of coats on irritants
to make lustrous pearls

so are you sucking out
the dirt of the earth

concluding filthy waters
that flood poor homes

and growing your shiny
verdant leaves

a constellation of green
stars above me

showering metaphors
with each komorebi

I rest my back on your
sturdy trunk knowing

you take negative energy
in exchange for vibrance

like a lotus latching in mud
for a rebirth or enlightenment

I sit and read on the grass
that covers the interlocked

highways, bridges and tunnels
of your beating, wise roots

you woo me with rustling ballads
joined by the singing of birds

my body, heart, mind and soul
exhale in unending gratitude

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