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Crisis Of Conscience

Crisis of Conscience

written by: Paul Anthony Obey



Do you belong here or somewhere else?
Just waiting to be proven wrong,
Deep into yourself, retreat and conspire, lying yourself into belief,
Fight off the inner darkness and beam with assuredness once more,
Pretend like democracy matters or follow a medieval law,
Fight hard with murderous weapons, asserting that they have the same,
Seek approval or not from your Parliament,
Decry their decision as a dangerous game,
Ride the storm for your friends once less challenged, with every weapon you possess,
In the final analysis, you are left with no option,
As you ponder firm consequences nonetheless,
So brazen, such front as we watch you,
Behind the scenes, data gatherers conspire,
If only you could really want them to do the right thing.

Paul Anthony Obey

Paul Anthony Obey

The author, Paul Anthony Obey, born in 1970, is working class, brought up in a working class family and has raised a working class family. Married to a proud New Zealander, Nicola, they live in the North West of England and share 4 children; Ryan, Hayley, Bethany and Seth, one of each from both.

Paul has worked within the Social Housing environment for all his adult life in one guise or another, but has recently decided to write full time to share a view and hopefully inspire reaction in others to take another look at life, beyond the confines of self, question the generally accepted truth and make the World a better place for everyone. One step at a time!

My work is dedicated to all of those who believe in what I am trying to do and to some of those who don’t yet get it.
Paul Anthony Obey

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