The Tree And Me written by Susanne Thomas at

The Tree And Me

The Tree And Me

written by: Susanne Thomas



Knotty swirls tell a story of growth and stretches
Obstacles surmounted, rerouted, tread over
Unthinking dips and ripples
Signifying rains and dusts and insects landing
Here a woodpecker searched for food
There a beetle hatched from within
Along the side a branch was struck off by a storm
The striped bark records
The days and years
A thick crust of patience and endurance
That sparkles in places with sap and web
Mirror image to my own face
And body
Lines and depth and creases tell of my own growth
Obstacles surmounted, rerouted, tread over
Freckles and red cheeks and soft flesh signify my exposure
To sun and wind and ice cream
Acne left a scar there on my cheek
A bike crash left a dent in my leg
Along the side stripes marble along, more came with each baby
Were you to look at the tree or me, you would think the growing was done.
As though we were completed beings, finished art
Read to be hung or trashed
But it doesn’t end
On our death beds, the tree and me will continue
Changing each moment who we are and what we do
Warping around bugs and breaks that make our shape
Stretching and reaching to burst forth in places
Creating anew the mosaic of who we are

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