The Value of A Hat, poetry by Susanne Thomas at

The Value of A Hat

The Value of A Hat

written by: Susanne Thomas



How many times
Have I scoffed at your hats?

The black bowler
And gray bonnet with that ridiculous flower
That you wear and collect like treasures

Laughed when you spoke of wool and cotton
As if the fabric justified your purchase
or made it look less silly

And I sit now, in the sun, with a straw hat
Wondering how it looks
And smiling as you say that elongated “See”
That you always do when you’re proven right

But the hat is cooling and keeps my face unburnt
And will always make me think of you
So, it might be a treasure after all.

Susanne Thomas

Susanne Thomas

Susanne Thomas reads, writes, parents, and teaches from the wild and windy west in Wyoming. Besides her five kids and husband, she loves fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, poetry, children's books, mythology, science, coffee, and puns. And socks. She really loves socks. That's a lot of things to love, but luckily, there's a lot of love in the world.
Susanne Thomas

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