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The Seasons of Ivy

written by: Rachel Grosvenor



It was summer once,
And the rain dribbled down the ivy on the trellis,
And we watched it, hearts heavy
Because we feared that the sun might never come.

It was autumn then,
And the vine shook on its brown jacket,
And we watched in awe,
Because we knew that it hid life within its slim stems.

Winter came in a flash,
And the frost lined the leaves and weighed them down,
And we watched with a smile,
Because we saw the valiant ice beneath bright rays.

When spring came, we were ready.
Before us the creeping plant laughed and stretched,
And we watched it in surprise,
Because it breathed as we did, revealing robust roots.

Rachel Grosvenor

Rachel Grosvenor

Rachel Grosvenor is a writer and tutor from Birmingham, UK, and is based wherever her backpack is dropped (currently New Zealand). She writes in various genres and forms, from travel writing to fantasy, and her work has been published in equally diverse places – from Cadaverine Magazine to the wall of the blue bedroom at the National Trust’s Baddesley Clinton.
Rachel Grosvenor

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