The Historian, poetry written by Paula Puolakka at

The Historian

The Historian

written by: Paula Puolakka


It’s not progressive
if it’s destroying Nature.
We human beings are deaf, dumb, and blind,
but maybe the technological children
– robots –
will have more sense and will turn out to be the saviors
of this planet
after the last human beings and animals will be gone because of
the lack of oxygen, clean water,
and food,
and the machines will live happily ever after
cleaning up the oceans, mass planting the trees,
and hauling the plastic garbage on Mars
which should have been made a universal wasteland
already by the so-called intellectuals of NASA, SpaceX,
and the other geeks on Earth.

I am not writing to people anymore:
I’m writing to the machines,
asking them to look after this planet
and to restore the Garden
to please G-d.

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