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written by: Ayushman Jamwal



Kill me now or this heat will do it painfully,
As if these knots of humanity weren’t enough,
Steel webs and pointless chaos,
These insects scurry as the breeze turns rough.

Blind fury from a dark sky,
But a blessing of life and colour,
Ungrateful beasts seek shelter from this divinity,
I alone embrace this realm, I become its emperor.

The heavens weep and rejoice,
The earth is consumed by ecstasy,
Do mere mortals have a choice,
When fate beckons us to break free?

I yearn to fly into the roaring dark,
See the might of heaven on an endless canvas,
Breathe in some unearthly air,
Witness Deities and Monsters of another universe.

Purify this concrete heap,
Awaken these timid hearts,
Drag our souls up through the sweet fury,
A supernova’s symphony for a brand new start.

The crucible of creation across the sky,
Yet I am rooted to this domesticated hole,
I pound my chest to break my shell,
I court death even for the hope of something more.

The rain turns to a trickle as the gates close,
The stench and heat of this land bury their claws,
I stare as heaven drifts away,
Leaving a static world of ugly flaws.

The sky is still, bright and boring,
The wagging of banal tongues unnerving,
No hallowed spectres, just doubt in my mind,
I wait for the Gods to be kind.

I wait for the Gods to be kind.

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