That Orphaned Feeling by Dr Santosh Bakaya at

That Orphaned Feeling

That Orphaned Feeling

written by: Dr Santosh Bakaya



Hate is so rampant – why?
Why this orphaned feeling?
Why is my head reeling?
Ah, a blaze of sunshine bright
The glory of midsummer, the tints of autumn
Fragments of colorful life peeping through trees,
Hanging from wisps of crisp breeze
Shimmering in sparkling waters
Chunks of beauty clinging to the hills
In bounteous frills.
The gay garrulity of gregarious birds
Why hate, when there is so much to love
yes, why indeed!

Ah, a blaze of sunlight
Yes, yes, I see the flying skirts of the night
In flight.
Look, the Eastern sun shines with all its might
But so did the night sky shimmer
With its starry might.

I yearn for that tiny cottage drenched in love elephantine
Nestling in the verdant foliage of yester years
Sheathed in an exquisite love verse
Echoing with that love refrain
Removing the smudges and scars of pain.
Where every nook and cranny
Still resounds with the guffaws of my dear granny.

Is it raining outside?
Oh, let it rain with relentless malice
Let me put on my mackintosh and shoulder my rucksack
And go on a voyage, I promise, I will be back
After resting a while in that tiny cottage
Nestling in the verdant foliage
Where my granny’s thunderous guffaws still linger
As harbingers of rain
On a parched soul.

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