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written by: SmithaV



Sometimes I think I’m rushing
To move on
Sometimes I think I’m trying too hard
To let go

Sometimes I feel it’s working
And I’m ready to forgive and love
Sometimes I feel a lump in my heart
And it’s filled with resentment and anger

Sometimes I feel like a piece of a paper
Floating into nothingness
Sometimes I feel like the shore
Waves crashing into me

Sometimes I feel as tranquil as the ocean waters
And all around me is quiet
Sometimes I feel like a busy road
All around is noise

Sometimes I think I should stop thinking
For what good is it anyway
Sometimes I think it’s alright
To be unable to unravel this mystery called ‘Life.’

Sometimes I feel I’m doing fine.
Sometimes I know I’m not
Then I hear a voice inside me say, “‘Sometimes’ is a passing phase.
It’s Ok not to be OK, sometimes.”



After being in banking for 20 years, I had to leave and move countries due to personal reasons. That is when I took up writing again. I had always written but the writing remained in my diaries. In 2016, I shared my writing with the world through my blog - PENNINGS…ONE WOMAN'S JOURNEY. My debut book of poetry 'Roads - A Journey with Verses' only just got published on July 5th 2019. I'm enjoying this new chapter in my life with writing forming the crux. I hope to write a novel some day and more poetry.

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