Criminal, a poem written by Troy DeFrates at



written by: Troy DeFrates


It ought to be criminal, revealing a blush,
As your Angel wings brush my lips
insidiously lush details beckon to be known,
To be realized, to be felt, to be yours,
Captured within the web of your dream catcher.

Let yourself realize that you needed this breeze
and that you are not left to walk alone, to be only,
Somewhere in your mind sensing vulnerability
that aches to be awake and protected,
No longer balancing on the cold plank of judgement.

Feel the softness of my words on your neck
where only the deepest secrets of love are kept,
Better things are about to happen with the release
of the treasures kept within your breast,
Within the core of your chantilly laced heart.

You emanate with sensuality that wishes to be felt,
That desires to be appreciated as fine glass
reflecting the beauty of the only thing I would have matter,
A stunning woman, standing in her own right
as a princess, as a queen, as a lover.

It ought to be criminal, the opportunity to improve a moment,
Where reality can be inspired with new adventure,
Travel with me to destinations that feed desire
giving you what you need, what you have dreamed for,
Daring to reveal yourself to pleasure.

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