Marionette, a poem written by Barbara Avon at



written by: Barbara Avon



A recess of the mind persuades me to weep,
For messages of lovers, it will not keep.
How lonely one can be with pain.
How empty, like the silent rain.

It began suddenly this breakdown.
Unnecessary, but she left her hometown.
For who would want this story to tell?
Nay, but to only burn in hell.

Miserable a Juliet,
Miserable a stray,
Miserable is life,
When life is without May.

Absurd is living,
Absurd, I know, is death.
What loss befalls a township,

Ah! The freedom that befalls a John Merrick.
And the silent scream that comes with every tick
of the dying heart,

i am like a marionette
or so i am told.

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