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Think Of Me

written by: Dr. Gideon Sampson Cecil


Write of my love in the diary of your heart,
You are the book of my love poetry from the start.
Drink my poetry in your tea in the evening,
Think of my love verses in your heart my darling.
Bees and birds are singing of our endless love,
Our love is a fictive- truth to the God’s above.
I will love you until the end of time,
Time will never erase our love rhyme.
Your heart lives into mine everywhere I go,
Your eyes illuminate my day like the sun’s glow.
Neither wind nor storm can take your love from me,
Our love is stronger than a tsunami rising in the sea.
Think of me as you watch the sunrise at dawn,
You are the gorgeous sunrise that’s ever been born.

Dr. Gideon Sampson Cecil

Dr. Gideon Sampson Cecil

Dr. Gideon Sampson Cecil was born on the 9th of May 1968 in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne Berbice, Guyana. He holds a Bachelor and Master of Arts Degree from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida and a degree in journalism. He is a college lecturer and freelance journalist. He has over 300 poems, articles, stories and essays published from 1993 to 2017. He continues to write poetry, fiction, literary criticism, and articles for various journals and newspapers at home and abroad. His recent collection of poems: ‘‘Psalms of a Romantic Poet’’ Published by Alien Buddha Press was nominated for the Griffin Poetry Award in Canada. He has so far published seven books of poetry and prose. He was recently appointed as a Senior Judge for The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2018. He was recently conferred with a Doctor of Letters Degree.
Dr. Gideon Sampson Cecil

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