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written by: Daniel Lynskey



Tell yourself the trees grow upside down
because u were raised to think they do,
Rain falls upwards because it always has,
No one said the rain fell down a hundred years ago
and a lot more rain fell then,
The ones who did are called prophets
wise beyond their years,
Their words held in such high regard
yet they are ignored,
Humans will always look out the window
and see what they want,
Their words are not needed
Because the rain falls down and people don’t see it
unless they want to,

Tell yourself that cars only drive backwards
because u were tricked to think they do,
When you're barreling down the motorway in the wrong direction
staring straight ahead in your seat,
Comfortable because u can't see where you're going
and if u slip up and go forward,
you switch gears and pretend it didn’t happen
Because cars don’t go that way,
but the problem persists
so u get your engine checked but everything’s ok,
So how come you're the only one
going down the road the wrong way.

Daniel Lynskey

Daniel Lynskey

I'm a nineteen year old writer from the Republic of Ireland, I enjoy writing everything from poetry to short stories, songs, movies or anything else I can imagine. Most of it gathers dust in my word documents.
Daniel Lynskey

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