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written by: Cristina Munoz



there's a hole there,
deep but near,
where the father should be
i have a mother,
even have a brother,
but i don't have him
never did

i see the scene clearly
a father pushing his child on the swings,
laughing with her giggles,
driving her higher and higher,
blonde plaits airborne

i was not that child,
though in sleep,
i cried,
almost feeling it be

i too swang on the swing
same playground,
exact swing,
just me
it took longer,
but i swung,
hoping to take flight,
needing to marry the sky,
and i did,
only alone

Cristina Munoz

Cristina Munoz

Cristina Munoz is working on her first collection of prose poetry in Woodend, Australia. Her poetry was first played on air throughout Australia and included in "WORD UP An Anthology Of Youth Poetry" as part of a Youth Poetry Competition held by Triple J and the ABC. Since then she has had poems published in 'Poetry Australia". Cristina has a passionate love of music which fuels her poetry and has had album reviews for various alternative bands published in Beat Magazine. She is currently dedicated to the sound of women in alternative pop and rock by writing album reviews and music musings as she manages SoundOfWomen.com
Cristina Munoz

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