Dark Lover, poetry written by Max Carlson at Spillwords.com
Todd Trapani

Dark Love

Dark Love

written by: Max Carlson


Winter–that thief of nature,
that shoplifter of light–
is a slow motion mood swing
that chills the soul blue.

Glistening in its blue-white disguise,
it bedazzles then embezzles
first light, then heat,
next color, and ultimately hope.

During days of dark desperation
dismal lips are drawn to metal
like a tart nipple, a blue lollipop
the cold breast of a phony lover.

In one final fiery flash
the guise lifts, the barrel’s unveiled
as lips are blown from metal
and blue smoke blankets the room.

A life falls for loved ones to find
while beside the lifeless body
the blue lollipop lays hot and smoking
like a post-orgasmic cheating lover.

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