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written by: Dinka Bednjacic


I used to think
If I can settle under your skin
I would blend in your veins
Unleash a river of emotions,
Flow that binds us
Unite us for eternity

If my heart beats next to yours
I would be within your reach
I won’t be rejected
I won’t be forgotten

If we build ourselves a home
Where only the echo of music
And children voices
Fill the rooms
We will be fortunate

I used to think
If you ever leave me
I would go to the end of the earth
To find you

But it took a life time
To realise
Some dreams
Are pure illusions
And we are —
A mere dancers of life —
Holding onto a rope of sand…

Dinka Bednjacic

Dinka Bednjacic

Dinka Bednjacic has been writing poetry for many years. She lives with her family in the state of Victoria, Australia. Many of her poems have been awarded and published in books and newspapers in Croatian and English. In 2018 she published a poetry collection titled ‘Pockets in my Heart.’
Dinka Bednjacic

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