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A Mysterious Craft

A Mysterious Craft

written by: Parvathy Sukumar



Life, to me, is a mysteriously crafted journey to nowhere,
Passing through the fields of never-ending surprises,
Giving you a glimpse of the ups and downs,
Creating the moments where one goes haywire.

Times passed when life seemed to be fun and crazy,
Never did I realize when the moments turned messy,
Bringing me down from all the ups of life,
Changing me into a puddle of grief.

It’s time to learn and not to dream, so was I told,
The girl in me tried to abide and never be bold,
Burying the dreams within me in a dark alley,
I aimed for the heights chosen for me.

I dared to dream once the heights were reached,
Then came the intruding voices to shatter my hopes,
It’s time to dream but not alone, was I preached,
Yet again I altered my dreams for the people around me.

It felt soothing to have someone to share my desires with,
Giving me the freedom to live the life I wish.
Alas! The voices of morality were back with full vigor,
For a moment, I found myself in a state of stupor.

It’s time for you to live for him, they said,
It’s time for you to create a life with him, they shrieked.
I looked up in askance, about the life I wish to have for myself,
They gave me a look of annoyance and anger in return.

I gave them the life they craved for,
Burying my dreams yet again for them.
For once, they applauded me for the life I created,
Giving me the hopes of having a family life for the least.

Times passed when life was nothing but pure bliss,
Never allowing me to fall into the dark abyss.
With no one to intrude and no space for misery,
I dared to dream for the moments filled with joy.

A nudge on my shoulder brought me down from the skies,
Surrounded by strangers and pointing stares,
I felt lost and searched for the familiar faces,
Like a child who has been left alone in the crowd.
Oh! Finally, I saw a pair of eyes I have always loved,
But now they were filled with grief and fatigue,
With a newfound fear, my eyes wandered around,
For the people for whom I sacrificed my life and time.

The crowd around me came closer and closer,
But never did the familiar eyes I was searching for.
Filled with despair and a look of longing in the eyes,
They seemed like my own reflection in a different body.

There wasn’t any dreams in me anymore,
For all the wishes were shattered by the lives I created,
Where were the voices that showed me a life full of promises,
I searched for the answers, but in vain,
After all, life is a mysterious craft of God.

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