Be Love, a poem written by Charlie Bottle at
Jon Tyson

Be Love

Be Love

written by: Charlie Bottle



Be the silver lining behind each cloud,
the bright moon on someone’s clouded night sky,
for many tend to be dark, angry, proud,
but few brighten days, and comfort those who cry.

Be the hand that moves to free a man’s load,
and shoulder the yoke of the poor man’s plight,
to the lonely, be the friend on life’s road,
be their comforter, their joy, their delight.

Love yourself and others unconditionally.
if you must change,
then change, so you can love more,
if you must grow, then grow to love more.

Grow in cherished kindness,
with tender mercy may your heart overflow,
as a silent spring may your love flow,
nurturing everything, everywhere it goes,

Hope is the poor man’s bread.
perhaps! you could be that dream weaver,
the one who weaves dreams into possibilities,
and for others makes Hope a reality.

Be the beacon to those who trudge heavily,
through the dark night of their soul,
the sunshine that wakens them from slumber,
the healing grace that makes them whole.

Be one to many, and many to one,
the shelter on sunny, and stormy days,
be as consistent as the shining sun,
be the beacon that points to God, Always.



A tribute to Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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