I Ask The Sun, a poem written by Dinka Bednjacic at Spillwords.com
Ryan Holloway

I Ask The Sun

I Ask The Sun

written by: Dinka Bednjacic


And I ask the spring sun
to linger on my body
warm me up
while I ponder over
autumn harvest,
vineyards drenched
with olden songs
in my mother’s land,
and I –
I won’t be there

I plead with many
to accept apology
for failing to bring back
a thousand gifts
like I promised
in my green years –
decades ago

I ask all the people
I loved and lost
whose features is
harder to remember,
to show mercy
upon my soul
for childish white lies

And I ask
divine light
to shine –
keep me alive
let me sit in
the earthly garden
a little longer

Now, when every season
of life
weighs down
on my bone-weary

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