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The Message Becomes Tomorrow

The Message Becomes Tomorrow

written by: Francisco Bravo Cabrera


I believe there is justice and love,
and though they must be searched for,
you can find them in the heart,
and in the actions of the one and of the many.

There is justice, there is love, and they’re there…

I will join the brave, courageous one who’s blind to hatred,
and lift him high because no enemy can touch him,
and no rebel can steal his soul.

For him and me death is no worry.
Who can live without death?
No one can save themselves from the fall, or avoid the pit that one day will open wide for all of us…

I think of my first loves…

Who cares about what has happened, what has passed, or what has become of anything.

Everything becomes again, happens again and will pass once more.

Continuous motion, over and over and over, because our life is a circle, and within it there are cycles that never give way to change.

Nothing changes.

All rivers flow to the sea and the sea never fills up….

So why fret the things of life when we too, like everything, will end and begin again?
Everything must pass because nothing changes…

I’ve heard the magic message that the day whispers to another day,
and that the night sings to another night.
Speech without words, music without sounds.
A song of magic and love
Sung without voices,
reaching to the ends of the Earth

And the message becomes tomorrow…

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