The Message of The Columbine, poetry by Max Carlson at

The Message of The Columbine

The Message of The Columbine

written by: Max Carlson


From nature’s rawness and rock it takes root,
atop the mountain’s rubble of form it rises,
waving a handful of doves over a gentle claw
while its backward spurs pierce formlessness.

With a saintly fragrance and colors fitting a deity
something much more grand is at work here,
a window where life’s energy enters from another realm
and makes colors sing lavender and shout blue.

Delicate and ephemeral; noble and stately
it is a spiritual ambassador between worlds,
a bridge leading to the unformed while
pointing to that inner essence we all share.

The bloom is an opening in life we know little of,
a mirror from a different dimension where the divine descends
to reflect the essence of life, of us, back into ourselves
while the doves huddle and witness in peace.

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