Class A, a poem written by Luiz Syphre at
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Class A

Class A

written by: Luiz Syphre



Dad, nephew, uncle and friend
I mount trucker wheels
drive to no end

bumper to bumper
floor to all doors
chromed metal sun simmers
to blinding eyes glimmers

eighteen wheels at the READY
dash and needles red SET
lights now glow, racing I GO

freightliner uncurves
terra firma disturbed
gut shaking wheels the tumble
deafen your ears the rumble

from sweet home California
past New Mexico, five nights to Maine
East 40 Arizona, the dark night in starry Sedona

route 66 turns to I-10
into Big Bend
from Texas
tight hugs I send

fixed books and doubled logs
drove Texas in a fog
next day New Orleans

I-10 to the 12 be the means
into Florida’s oranges and green
sweet southern hospitality thru Augustine

layover by the island keys
orangy sunset seas
a warming breeze rocks the hammock
floating by the trees

seize a calm longer in peace
before the grind and grease
for these waters heal my disease

ever long disaster on my rear view
memories I strand behind
but how gorgeous tomorrow
my stomping roads find

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