Rorschach murmurings by Katie Simpson at

Rorschach Murmurings

rorschach murmurings

written by: Katie Simpson



in the bookshelves
i’m a chasm stretching
between mystery and poetry
dark ink separates my ribs from heart

they murmur of new releases
and the spines all these spines unbroken
handled for $19.95
mine is freckled mine is scarred
mine is both too old
and not aged enough

i’m looking for something
searching the titles
but words fall into a murmuring
rorschach dreams dancing dark

i’m trying to find a way
to tell you about the grief
for everything almost in my grasp
or almost slipping through
for the dead and the living
for that question
i can’t ask
that i need someone
maybe you
to answer

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