The Path Traversed, poetry by Steve Green at

The Path Traversed

The Path Traversed

written by: Steve Green



The things you find

during the decluttering process…

Frozen in time…

This scrapbook now soothes
my fading mind…

Pics fully laminated…

Protection against the elements
and the ravages of today…

Locked in memories
where none of us age out…

Even death can not penetrate
this thick veneer of yesterday
where erosion is irrelevant
to these locked in moments of joy…

Arthritic fingers
painfully skimming
long neglected pages…

Liberating images
from a bygone existence
of youthful exuberance
and unbridled innocence
where we still owned
all our tomorrows…

Steve Green

Steve Green

Former interactive human being.
Now just watching the wheels go round and round while trying not to repeat my mistakes.
I have all new ones.
Steve Green

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