A Date under Van Gogh’s Starry Sky, poetry by Eman Hany at Spillwords.com

A Date under Van Gogh’s Starry Sky

A Date under Van Gogh’s Starry Sky

written by: Eman Hany



The daylight fallacy,
The sky hides so much more
than that.
More real things are only visible
in the dark. Ask the moon
and the stars about that.
I had to dress in jet black sky
to watch the undulating comets
in their hearts. Or
the disappearances
of their shadows.

Many bluffers, tired of bluffers.
Idyllic touches on the cords
of the heart.
They were too heavenly to happen
by an earthly body.
“I’ll unhook my coat for you to leave.
Meet me under Gogh’s starry sky.”
Are you asking me for a trip
to the stars? Or to make them witness
how you can bully good things
until they suicide?

My arts teacher said cypresses
symbolize hope and immortality.
So, I unhooked Pragma and
wished I see you wearing it
around your neck
when we meet.

Maybe I abused my heart
with high hopes. There were
No stars, no moon.
I haven’t found you
by the cypress tree.

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