Freedom of $peach by Daniel S. Liuzzi at

Freedom of $peech

Freedom of $peech

written by: Daniel S. Liuzzi



Free speech isn’t free when there’s a price tag to pay
What you say may cost too high and turn your face into a fists throughway
What’s the point to say what you want to say without considering the cost?
You could be sitting headfirst in the trash for joking about the Holocaust
Or lying broken on the ground after a group of men beat you again and again
Because in passing you decided to call them a word that started with the
letter N
You sit at work joking around letting words fly out of your gob
But what you say may cut too deep now you’re out and out of a job
If I’m really free to say what I pleased and everyone should stay calm
Then why can’t I go into a crowded airport and shout “I have a bomb!”?
You stand there saying you’re “Telling it like it is.” and acting like you’re
It’s hard for us to take you serious when you know what you’re saying is
So don’t hide behind an amendment thinking you’re free of the consequences
Because you’ll be standing there pockets turned out not able to afford the

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