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written by: Yvonne


I'm beagle or mongrel
The dog on the street
The one the man tempts
With an offer of meat
I'm taken away in a small, unmarked van
To be tortured and maimed
In the interests of man
They handle me roughly
And stun me with darts
No time for compassion
No warmth in their hearts
The pup on the table has wires in her head
Her eyes plead injustice
She'd rather be dead
They force my dependence
On newly-found drugs
Then cut down the dosage
And pull out the plugs
In pain left to suffer
Alone left to die
If I'm man's best friend
I deserve to know why....



I am 58 years old.
Have been writing since I was a child.
I see beauty in the ordinary.
On several occasions I have performed my poetry in public and have appeared in local newspapers.

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