Sugar Plum Dreams, a poem by Christina Ciufo at

Sugar Plum Dreams

Sugar Plum Dreams

written by: Christina Ciufo



Sugar Plums sparkle winter dreams
and yule magic, like diamonds on a necklace,
within a Poinsettias glass dish, sitting on a coffee table
across from the Christmas tree lights.

White and red candy canes scattered and dangle
across the pine garland above the fireplace.
Orange-golden flame fingers caress, singed
and melt their red and white stripped skins. Their
burnt mint perfume permeates around the stoic,
charred yule log, making it spit underneath the
tree’s root.

Red and green ribbon candy laces are tied around presents
and boxes of assorted sizes wrapped in red snowflake wrapping
paper. Like children dreaming of Santa Claus with a tan sack
of toys coming down from the chimney laying in their bed,
the presents slumber underneath the pine bristles and by the fireplace,
dreaming of Christmas morning.

Hot cocoa simmers besides the living room window sill.
A white misty hand emanates from the cup’s rim. Its fingers
and palm press against the window’s icy transparent face,
watching carolers singing
“God Rest Ye Gentlemen,”
while walking down the snow-covered street.

Sugar cookies of Christmas trees, stars,
mittens, angels, snowmen apply their sprinkles
onto their pale complexions.

Gingerbread men and women wear green, red
and white frosting clothing for tonight’s Christmas party.

Gingerbread house mended with white frosting
and decorated with M&M’s sits on the kitchen
counter as coconut shedding, like snow from the window,
falls from the sky and onto its roof.

Assorted red, green and white gumdrops gleam their sugar sprinkles
within a white Christmas candy dish, sitting at the long dining
table’s center.

Nutcrackers’ jaws march to violin strings
strumming, flutes and clarinets fluttering,
French horns and tubas bellowing,
and snare drums pounding notes to Nutcracker Suite
crushing walnuts’ shells.

May your head be filled with whimsy and delight as you slumber in your bed.
May you have pleasant and sweetened sugar plum dreams on December nights.

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