A Charles Splints Case: The Engagement, by Dan Leicht at Spillwords.com

A Charles Splints Case: The Engagement

A Charles Splints Case:

The Engagement

written by: Dan Leicht



He’d been working the case for months.
It was the first case to ever stump him.
The great detective of Brooksend
turned private investigator,
Charles Splints was at a loss.
Each day he walked by the storefront and looked in,
each day he said would be the day he finally put the case to rest.
What was stopping him?
Was it knowing how his life would all change?
Maybe he wasn’t sure how it’d play out.
He’d gone over it a million times in his head. Estelle,
would you – no that’s not right – Estelle, I think we should – no,
no, nothing would be perfect enough for her.
He’d been mulling the case over even while they were together.
“What’s on your mind?” she’d ask.
He’d think of a list of mundane things gone wrong,
too nervous to simply reply, “Nothing.”
It was on a Tuesday afternoon
when he finally walked into the storefront.
“Is there something I can help you with, Sir?”
asked the man behind the counter.
Splints stared down at the ring in the center,
the one with the biggest diamond.
“I’m here to solve a case,” he said. “I’ll take that one.”

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