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One Year Of Marriage

One Year Of Marriage

written by: Sonam Arora


As we complete one year today
I want you to know
I have loved you even more
With the each passing day

I know we have fought like crazy
But i don’t want you to act lazy
To make this relationship worthwhile
Without which this life will be an exile

The year has given us good learnings
Which will help us in the new beginnings
Time ahead will be even more challenging
Cos we will be moving towards parenting

As we move ahead in the same bed
I want you to keep it in your head
I have given up my life for you
And you have given up yours for me
So let’s make it successful
With love, faith, respect and care
So that the outsiders do not dare
To challenge the togetherness
That we share

Promise me, you will hug me tight
After every fight
Promise me, you will kiss me slow
Everytime i am at my low
Promise me, you will understand
When i am cranky in my head
Promise me, you will stand with me
When the world is against me
Promise me, you will hold my hand
Take me through the rough phases
And help me walk the slippery sand

It’s the promise that i need
Bcos this marriage’s not any deed
For you are my life
And i want to live it as your wife
Trust me, we will make it a beautiful journey
Without any power of attorney
Cos we will be one
And our secrets will be known to none

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