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Be My Hero

written by: Mansi


There are unshed tears in my eyes,
I fell in love and didn't realize,
There is an unknown pain,
That strung at my heart,
For now I know it's impossible to part.
There are a million sorrows,
That lie beneath the smiles,
There are sadder truths,
Underneath all the lies.

Be my hero, be my pride,
Be my joy, be my guide.

The darkness pulls me in at night,
Can't reach out or feel your light,
How do I then make the wrongs right,
How do I then fight for what's right.
The loneliness eats me up alive,
Day by day it's getting difficult to survive,
It's getting harder to breathe,
I beg you to come and save me please.

Be my hero, be my pride,
Be my joy, be my guide.

It's a dark stormy night,
Dangerous roads lie ahead tonight,
Hold my hand, and help me walk through,
In your heart I have found a love so true.
It's true I am all messed up,
But with you I feel I am allowed to be,
With you there are no lies, no pretence,
With you there's no judging,
no self defense...

I need you by my side tonight,
Hold me, touch me, feel me,

Be my hero, be my pride,
Be my joy, be my guide.



I am Mansi. I am a writer. Writing is my passion and my reason for existance. I enjoy writing about life and love. Relationships and human emotions are very complicated. It inspires me to write about feelings. I am a natural at that. The human heart inspires me. I live in London and am very passionate about words 🙂

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