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The First Air Bender

The First Air Bender

written by: T.V. Ramana


In my sweet sleep cuddle, a fairy spirit calls,
It leads through woods and peaks, where starlight falls,
To the glowing caves where the top fairies play,
It filled with the teams of calm butterflies in a bright array,
There my soul ascends, beyond the limits of walls.

I asked her, “How to attain the perfect silence?”
She replied, “To know the silence perfectly, take the form,
Of a voiceless butterfly, find your warm and calm.
In perfect grace, your pleasant journey starts,
Like a Himalayan yogi, mending and healing hearts.”

“Let me know the magic and mystery around you,” Please!
“Sure, they cloak us, unseen yet undeniably true,
We are the masters of bending nature’s laws and skew,
We are riders of the wind and benders of time and space,
We do it against the west wind’s fierce embrace.”

“We set our wings and sail against the west wind,
the winged beings of the sky that know how to bend.
We are the first air benders, the masters of the air,
Surfing the winds, chasing endless horizons with flair,
We bend the laws of wind and space; got the magic?”

“Oh relishing! Could you explain the mystery around you?”
“Sure, why not? If you have the zeal and interest! I will.”
You see! You and I are in the time of now, the real-time!
Yours is a linear pointed arrow, with no chance to go back.
Our time is different: Dream time, Magic time, and Fairy time.”

“Our time cycles weave through circles, not a single arrow’s flight,
Endlessly shifting, allowing astral travel in the depths of night.
We mend our moments, crafting portals past and present to unite,
Recreating the moment of now, navigating through cycles, ever bright.
This is our timeless enigma, a mystery, ever-changing in sight.”

“I am ever thankful for the profound wisdom you share,
For guiding us through unknown realms with tender care.
Your magic and mystery in bending laws, so bright and rare,
In dreams and waking moments, you are ever there.
With grateful hearts, we cherish your mystic presence.”

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