Death of A Seeker, a poem written by Ian Fletcher at

Death of A Seeker

Death of A Seeker

written by: Ian Fletcher


The homegrown religion
of church and chapel
mattered not a jot to him:
it smacked too much
of parents and conformity.

No, he gazed farther afield
toward the mysterious East
and the holy land of India
for there they had gurus
and mystical scriptures
of unfathomable depth
that could transport him
through Atman to infinity!

While he never got round
to reading the Upanishads
nor ever could he master
those Sanskrit characters
which would defeat him
more comprehensively
than high-school French
he remained to the end
a seeker after Brahman
the one universal soul
that makes all whole.

Perhaps he was deluded
you may say, yet I hope
his long quixotic quest
brought him eternal rest.

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