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The Man on the Train

written by: Elaine W. Degro



The man on the platform behind the clock...
He waited for the train to circle around the block.
He watched the clock strike twelve.
And watched the train pull in from its previous destination, fiery hell.

The man on the platform behind the clock...
He waited for the train to arrive at the dock.
He took his packed bags and made his way toward the open doors...
Boarded the train and put his bags on the floor.

A glance to the left, a glance to the right...
The man on the train takes to the furthest seat in his sight.
A seat behind the velvet curtain and facing north...
The man sits and watches the clock on the dock scorch.

The train pulls away and leaves everything behind.
Leaving it on fire and with no sign of mankind.
The man on the train delicately crosses his knee...
While the black winged angel offers him tea.

The man on the train nods and continues looking away.
He now knows that this will be the rest of his days.
From town to town, world to world...
Collecting souls, humans, boys, and girls.

The man on the train looks on...
To a world that could have been...the world that did not survive dawn.
The next stop approaches and he watches death on swift wings...
Approaching the platform fast, with its steam engine in full swing.

And the train docks at the not so distant platform...
Where the man on train watches the swarm.
And in the distance he sees...
A woman standing behind a tree.

She so delicately picks up her suitcase too...
Makes her way toward the train, turns around, and bids the nonexistent world adieu.
And so she reaches her destination and takes a minute to look inside.
Sees the man on the train, walks up to him...and sits by his side.

The man on the train looks over to the fallen angel sitting next to his seat.
A glimmer in his eye and mutter on how she was a pleasure to meet.
As the train pulls from the dock and the world burns once more...
The black winged angel appeared at the door...

The man on the train meets his eyes...
The angel gave a wink and a smile so sly...he then knew hell was on his side.
And so the train went on its way...
While the man on the train held hands with the woman who died with him that day.

Elaine W. Degro

Elaine W. Degro

I write all things that cause feels.
Elaine W. Degro

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