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Missing The Bus

Missing The Bus

written by: Dilip Mohapatra



I always wonder
why do I miss the bus all the time?

I am not a procrastinator
nor am I a late riser
neither am I a poor
decision maker
yet I always miss the bus …

The other day
I went chasing your footprints
on the passing clouds
but before I could catch up
it rained
milking the clouds dry
while you had given me the slip
and once again I missed the bus…

Many a times I searched
for a safe hiding place
in my shadow
and seek the light
that caused it
but before I could take
refuge in my umbra
darkness swallows it whole
leaving me stranded
under the dead lamp post
while the bus is gone…

On my serendipitous journey
from crotch to crown
I climb up
rung by rung
with utmost patience
and dexterity
but before I could
scale the peak
I slide few notches down
while the bus drives away.

While fulfilling the promises made
or extending a helping hand
to someone in need
or wiping off someone’s tears
who’s in agony
or forgiving someone
for a first time offence
I always find me late
and the bus undoubtedly
has already left.

Life goes on
while it seems
a day will come
when I would be there
where I intend to be
well on time
and will never regret for
not being there
when I was needed…

I continue to wonder
why do I miss the bus all the time?

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