Truth Revealed, poetry by Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson at

Truth Revealed

Truth Revealed

written by: Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson



Expanded consciousness of love is our birthright
The heart is sculpted by patience grace gifting magical insight
Warriors of sovereignty and love are quiet in their undertaking
Paradigm shifts are groundbreaking in their healed awakening
Holding the power and certainty of the Light for all eternity
Watch as walls of fear collapse into the dark sea of forced conformality
Washing away the mistakes from the past
Free at last
Soul rejoices in claiming its shared blessings with this world
Human life is precious, with countless stories still untold
Rise and stand with two feet planted firmly into faith’s land
Self now recognizes it’s a mere tiny grain of sand
Hold out your hand to receive the greatness of this reality
Sing out loud to the tune of truth and liberty
Led by higher beings’ guidance in creativity
Build now the life viewed only from the realm of dreams
Open your eyes to see the beauty that now exists
As a peaceful and healed multidimensional being having a very human experience

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