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The Challenge

The Challenge

written by: Sonam Arora


I take up the challenge
Of being a woman
It feels lying on the edge of a knife
When a husband doesn’t back his wife
Not for the wrongs, but the rights
He lets everyone blame her
He forgets he vowed to protect
Her dignity and self-esteem
Maybe, he is scared of
His parents’ screams

It’s important to
Accept and understand
That if a man can let go of his ethics
Of protecting his wife’s esteem
Then, why can’t a woman
Take a stand for herself
Why does she forget in the journey
Of becoming a woman
That being herself
Is not a crime

Take up the challenge
Of getting false allegations
from the society, the family
And move ahead positively
For these charges will not last longer
You have to survive
The tough phases and
The rough patches of life
As they will only make you stronger

Dear woman, have the courage
To love yourself
Don’t escape, don’t even attempt
Fight all situations with
Patience and silence
For God is there to do justice
And, not you
There will come a day
When time will speak for you

Take up the challenge
Of two families which are connected
Through you
Put on you is the harmony
Between the two
In the process
Dare not kill the inside you
Instead, give it some time
As life is not to lose
As time flies, You will learn
The meaning of wedding ceremony
Which was sugar-coated with honey

Take up the challenge
Of letting go your career
Cos motherhood is much nearer
As you give birth
Your aspirations become a dirth
It’s laid on you by the society
Which can’t be fought in unity

You will find yourself alone
Trying to balance
Your two different homes
But always remember
You are not the only one
There are many more
Fighting battles on their own

Take up the challenge
Of faking a smile
You have lived long
It’s time to become new
Wearing smiles not of you
Prepare yourself for you have to walk miles
With these artificial smiles
Cos happiness is not the little things
But in protecting the relationship strings

There will be times
When you will be told
You have to wear lots of gold
In family gatherings, it brings social respect
Nobody knows you will introspect
On your being and existence
Cos you are now in a new residence

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