Summer Thrills written by LadyLily at

Summer Thrills

Summer Thrills

written by: LadyLily



The first Lark sings,
a Clematis, crimson, unravels
from its florid bon-bon bud,
as lanky-stalked, lemon-yellow Lupins
stretch their spines with respect.
The meadows mimosa ocean…
Buttercups! Wave left, right,
against yarned winds.
Weeds…unwanted, sigh helplessly,
scream when uprooted, unearthed,
they shrivel. Withering matchstick men
hosting homes to crazy crawlers
and weeping to sounds of sorry crickets.
Wisteria’s crumpled trumpets fall
hopelessly gasping last notes
their purplish juice drains…
blotting patches of lush-lime lawn
to linen Lilac.
Little Daisies link tiny threads.
Citron crystal eyes beam with clarity.

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